WEB ECG Analysis
WEB ECG Analysis

ClaudCor is the Web Services platform for the analysis of cardiovascular signals. It offers the core of the algorithms resulting from the 20 years AMPS’ experience in the pharmaceutical research environment. Several scientific papers, in addition to the market’s widespread adoption, are the testimonial of the quality of these tools.

ClaudCor allows enterprises active in the telemedicine and biomedical software markets to access in a fast, safe and scalable way  these powerful tools via the internet.



Key facts:


  • State of the art technology of the web software architecture (http-based REST)
  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure, one of the most used service providers of the corporate world
  • Safe, reliable and scalable
  • Client-server stateless communication
  • Access protection via Oauth 2.0 authentication protocol
  • Licensing system to manage visioning, load control and time validity
  • Possibility to customize and geo-localize


Web Services available through ClaudCor are in continuous development. Currently available are:


  • File repository for the upload of data needed for exams (ecg, holter, etc.)
  • ECG-Images: from digital ecg traces (from 1s to 5min) of several different formats can generate images of the waveforms in the most used formats (12x1, 6x2, 3x4, 3x4 long lead II, etc.). Allows to generate customizable reports in PDF.
  • ECG Beat-Rhythm: from holter files (up to 4 days) generates the classification of the beats and the arrhythmia analysis.
  • ECG-PDF: converts resting ecgs of various formats into the new PDF-ECG format, which includes the original digital ecg signal into a traditional pdf file, allowing future detailed analysis of the traces without losing information.
  • ECG-PDF Validator: provides a formal validation of the PDF-ECG format of your ecg files


For further information or questions please contact: AMPS.Services@amps-llc.com